August 26, 2017 @ 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm

The Duke Street Kings

I think we gotta be the only garage band in the USA that throws or own Festival! During it’s 17 year existence in The Duke Street King’s Blues & BBQ for Better Housing Block Party has raised over $130,000.00 for Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver. It is the longest running fund raiser for Habitat in the Denver area and it has also become the hottest showcase for local blues talent!

The Duke Street Kings play a Chicago style blues show with succinct guitar riffs, wailing sax and smokey vocals. We have an excellent following in the Denver area. We have a mailing list of over 500 fans and it grows each gig. So…..If your looking for an entertaining band that can bring people to your event or if you’re just looking for a fun band for your party, read on.

The Kings formed in 1981 as a college band playing the Denver area. We played at Sam’s on Lookout Mountain! (How many bands can still claim that?), Lakeside Amusement Park and lots of other college bars and parties. After a few years the Kings disbanded (pun intended) and the members went on their separate ways.

In 1998 a twist of fate and a concerted effort by calling every Alan Hines (lead guitar) in the Denver phone book, Ranger Miller (harmonica, guitar, and vocals), and Frank Serra (bass) The Duke Sreet Kings were back together. Since then the Kings added and subtracted Scott Shreeve (percussion and vocals), Andrew Mueller (drums), and Tica Ashton (vocals) The Duke Street Queen? Oh well, I think Tica was only like three years old when we picked the name. Andrew grew frustrated that we wouldn’t play more Rush and decided to move back east after six years in the band. Tica and Scott and Alan have all moved onto pursue their own musical dreams, but we will always feel their influence and fun in our originals. In May 2008, we welcomed Doug Egan from N’awlins to the band as our permanent keyboardist. As we move into our second decade of rockin’ the Denver area we are bringin’ the funk and rythm with the addition of Tony Arceneaux (sax, flute and harmonica) and Ed May (bass) and tipping our hat to the youth with Dan Raab (twentysomething) on drums, Sam Miller (barely able to vote) on guitar and bass and Kevin Miller on guitar, bass, drums – whatever we need.

We play originals, blues, soul, motown, classic and current rock, everything from the Allman Brother’s Band to Elvis to the Rolling Stones to MJ to the Stray Cats to Smashmouth. Gurantee if you see us play you will hear some songs you love and some songs you will say, “cool, I can’t believe they just played that!”

Our first CD “In With The In Crowd” is still for sale and we are proud to announce the release of our second CD “Original Sin”. We can do a show of all originals if that is what you want. Our stage show includes impressions of Mick Jagger, Elvis and other well known rock and roll artists. We play weddings, divorce parties, wakes, and even the occasional briss as well as varied and sundry local gin joints. So come on out and see our show. I promise you’ll dig it.